Friday, 10 March 2017

Chinese Art of healing with “Qi gong”

You must heard name of an internationally known Tai Chi master, Qigong therapist, Master Jesse Tsao. The popular healing energy chinese practices excellent practices for rookies and better to keep balance and flexibility in yourself. It also provide so many benefits including improved health, overall wellbeing as well as longevity. The ancient practice represents cultivating internal power aspects. Though qi gong is seen as parent of tai chi but qi gong is more represented for healing purposes mitigating the sufferings of people by tracing acupuncture lines or points with hands energy while tai chi is a martial art. The schools in china teach to heal patients extensively for people with cancer, practices including regular, smooth and slow motion sways and methods like shouting, vibrating, shaking, patting and so on.There are stand alone exercises in a qi gong/Chi gong class to strengthen energy levels or it may involve meditations, walking, standing still, sitting or lying down forms, deliberate gentle motions and even breathing exercises(inhale and exhale).

The exercise are done to develop body with effective energy flow in the body and consciousness in pursuit of enlightenment. All it comes with regular practice. This long term determination leads to the restored harmonious balance in body, mind and spirit with negligible stress level. One discovers insight purpose of happiness, prosperity, calm in society thus the overall quality of life improves.


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