Tuesday, 26 January 2016


A strong emotional bonding between a mother and her baby is natural. She pampers her infant from the period of baby inside the womb which connects love strings each day. She embraces her adorable baby and feels fortunate for this god gift. But there are also certain women around the world who are not able to conceiving due to specific reasons. The reasons could be miscarriage, male factor (low sperm count), endometriosis (symptoms like heavy painful periods) ovulatory disorders, PCOS (ovulation dysfunction), being over-or-over weight, extreme level of stress, blocked tubes, age factor (average age for seeking fertility about 35-36), smoking and so on.
Don’t be depressed know science has found safe fruitful solution to help women to get pregnant. The most considerable procedure called In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) this fertility technique fertilize an egg by sperm(healthy embryo) outside the body in the laboratory and placed in incubator machine to implant in uterus (womb) where a new baby is developed. Overall it will take about 10 days. This technology environment had provided this treatment to more than 5 million people as per 2013 estimates.

The process is carried out collecting ova from the women at her ovulation period using laparoscopy. Egg production is stimulated by therapy. Then sperms and eggs are taken in the laboratory to combine in a culture dish for fertilization. Further the developed embryo from the fertilized eggs is transfer to women womb. The result can be seen after 14 days of transfer.  To be successful take precautions such as avoid caffeine, smoking and tough activities or exercises. Always follow doctor’s advice like bed rest for some days or prescribed medicines try to be cheerful and stay stress free experience the feeling of having a baby.

Here we are gonna inform you about nutrients for fertility involve Vitamin D, Vitamin E,  Vitamin C, Vitamin B13, vitamin B6, Iron, omega 3 acids or zinc. Power foods for pregnancy are dried beans & lentils, broccoli, milk, oats, avocados, salmon, cheese. Not to eat caffeine, alcohol, soft cheeses, hot dogs, ice-cream, uncooked egg, wheat bread, uncooked seafood or beef. During early pregnancy of 3 months avoid illegal drugs, pineapple, raw papaya, licorice, processed or packaged foods as juices, Cookie dough, pickle, unpasteurized dairy products.
For better pregnancy you should do light exercise or yoga which helps to get normal delivery. And also go for regular checkup. Follow week by week development of baby.