Thursday, 30 June 2016

Are you confused whether to marry or not?

Some people say it is nice to get marry while some believe it is better to stay single to live a happy uncompromising life. , it is the scariest decision of one's life - Choosing a partner for marriage, even more difficult to accept a person as a life partner in an arranged marriage
Here some things to consider and decide.

Benefits of getting marriage:
Financial stability:
If both are earning, incomes from you two can contribute to more assets.
Feel love and care:
You can share your happy, success, failure or sad moments with your loved one
Social acceptance:
Getting married shows your lifelong commitment to each other via vows and respectful love in society.
Better love making:
Your love life will get better and better as you will open to your partner, can share your desires and fantasies.
Improve mental health:
It is because of comfort and care from your partner reduces stress levels.
Old age companion:
Your partner will stay by your side in old age so there would not be lonesome feeling.
Own Kids:
Feeling of becoming a parent is amazing experience; it is joyful and cute to give love to your children doing sweet things. Marriage is important to have your own children to raise them into a healthy environment.
Real love:
Marriage is the commitment and true love proof.

Disadvantages of getting marriage:
Restrict freedom:
You may feel restricted to your needs and wishes of others.
Conflict and problems:
Marriage may become reasons of your problems with your partner’s family and cause conflict.
Fade drive:
With passage of time, most human beings do not feel satisfied because of infidelity in love making.

So when to get marry….now or never is depend upon how your partner would be if he or she is in love with you, respect you, have argument over and over again and are you feel ready for it. It only depends on your love, relationship and understanding between you both. If you feel that your love to your partner will never end till death than surely you should get marry otherwise take time, think and make your mind about marriage as your whole life is depend on this decision

Friday, 24 June 2016

Relationship anxiety

Love is probably the most powerful emotion possible. Relationships can be one of the most pleasurable things on the planet… but they can also be a breeding ground for anxious thoughts and feelings.
Relationship anxiety is complicated love life thus affecting you which may include things like fear of loss of trust, worry of fighting again and stress of “Do I really like him/her?” “Should we slow down?” “Am I really ready for this kind of commitment?” “Is he/she losing interest? Our anxiety can even push us to give up on love altogether.

Causes of Anxiety in Relationships:

Loss of Trust: In Relationship Future : This increases from lots of fights, previous breakups and  growing distant

Loss of Trust: General: Trust is most essential part of a relationship, and if the trust is gone it’s very tough to build it again natural.

Fight Eggshells: Fighting more often is a serious issue. This worry can cause major anxiety

Negativity: negative thinking can be a cause of anxiety, it's a genuine problem.

Stress: undoubtedly long term stress is the reason for the cause of anxiety – it’s next stage could be anxiety disorders.

Fear of intimacy: this arises when we are get exactly what we were desiring, when we’re feeling love as we never being deal in that ways .

critical inner voice:  the main issue we all have in our heads that criticizes us, feeds us bad advice and fuels our fear of intimacy

worried thought: due to this we become unbelievably distracted from real relating with
our partner.

Anxiety symptoms:

Muscle tension
Feelings of depression
Effects of Anxiety:

o Cling : When we feel nervous, our affinity may be to act anxious toward our partner
Reject: We might become rejecting to protect ourselves or to beat our partner to the punch
o Control: When we feel exposed, we may attempt to lead or direct our partner.
o Withhold : In opposed to rejection, we try to withhold from our partner when feeling anxious
o Punish:  because of more aggression, and we  punish, taking our feelings out on our partner
o Retreat: when we feel scared, may quit real love and intimacy and retreat into a “fantasy bond.

Ways to Control Relationship Anxiety:

Exercise and Other Anxiety Reducing Strategies
Starting Over
Exchanging desire
Staying Mentally engaged
Be Physically loving
Top up the emotional possessions.
Let your partner feel you as a support.
o Let your partner be in on what you’re thinking.
Asking for guarantee is absolutely okay – but not too much.
Be exposed.
Be careful of extrapolation anxiety onto your relationship.
Analysis leads to paralysis.
Come closer. No. “Go away”.
The tough conversations can bring you closer.
Let your partner be it’s like to be you.
Let your partner know what irritates you.
Be patient. The quick fix isn’t every time the good option.
Make certain that you’re looking after yourself.
Understand that your partner will require limits
Laugh together.
Stop assuming things, be straightforward to ask and build truth.

you may take help and contact :